Hummingbirds at Monteverde, Costa Rica, April 2019

A selection of hummingbird photos – all the photos were taken at the bakery-cafe opposite Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve where there were abundant feeders.

Hummingbird identification is extremely tricky as males and females can look totally different. Adding to the confusion is the variety of species, and the below list is just in Costa Rica:

Jacobins, Sicklebills, Hermits, Barbthroats, Lancebills, Violetears, Fairies, Mangos, Thorntails, Coquettes, Brilliants, Hummingbirds, Starthroats, Mountaingems, Woodstars, Emeralds, Sabrewings, Plumeleters, Woodlymphs, Snowcaps, and Goldentails.

Mexico and Central America have 109 birds in the Hummingbird family.

Identification made much easier by using the Merlin app. The app can take a photo of your photo and identify it! Simply brilliant!

Above: Green-crowned Brilliant – male

Above: Coppery-headed Emerald – female

Above: Purple-throated Mountaingem – male

Above: Lesser Violetear – sexes similiar

Above: Violet Sabrewing – male.

Above: right: Purple-throated Mountaingem – female.

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